Last month posted printable, trifold brochures along with wallet cards… yes!

Printable trifold from


I love this, because explaining a lesser understood disease can feel overwhelming. I know that sometimes it gets hard to not get bogged down in the details of ‘explaining’ when we find ourselves needing to. Because, really, when those around us do not know how to communicate with us something that is difficult to understand, then how would we communicate it well ourselves?

There is almost too much information out there, especially on the internet. 😉 It places too much expectation on the person dealing with the problem. So, I love when wonderful resources like this one take the time to provide us with tools to simplify our lives. Go ahead and check out the brochure, share with loved ones and doctors, and if you haven’t already, explore the wealth of information and especially webiners on Chronic Pain Partners when you feel up to it. Until next time…


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