I’ll be back to talk about chronic muscle spasm and some surprising issues I’ve been dealing with because of it. In the meantime, I want to share this blog post in the link below which nicely addresses some misconceptions about hypermobility and being flexible.

Food for thought… when my muscles loosen, my pain increases same as if I were to lose muscle and depend solely on unstable joints. But, when my muscles stay perpetually in a contracted state, I fatigue easily and ache much like I have the flu or like when you pull an all-nighter studying for an exam. So, short of forking out money I do not have for professional massages, how do I get the muscles to release when taking deep breaths just isn’t going to cut it?

This realization and many, many months of physical therapy got me hopping back on the yoga wagon hoping to find some relief.

To yogi or not to yogi? That is the question in the next few months as I try to find a balance between stability and stretching without injuring myself if all goes well.

Blog post mentioned above: Flexibility refers to muscles and hypermobility to those pesky ligaments… read more.

I’ll update this post in the next week discussing symptoms that led me back to PT and what I’ve learned with my own trial and error coming to an agreement of sorts with my unstable body. It is a fine line we learn to navigate between crippling injury and living our best version of ourselves in this condition. And, though our stories are similar, each of our “best selves” looks different.

I’m hoping that the more I learn about what I can and cannot do, the less I will have to live in that grey area of uncertainty. The more I share, and others like me, the less we will flounder with a diagnosis with little treatment and proper support.